No Legacy

My little darlings
The world is in a constant state of decay and renewal
But our ever expanding and unquenchable appetite is fast encroaching
And just as great and cursed is our ego and arrogance
And the void that is our apathy
We are doomed by our dispositions

We’ve gone far beyond the point the natural world can recover from
There is no healing it
There is no more recourse

What will we pass on to you
Will you even make it
Will there still be anything left at all
It isn’t absolutely certain our fate
But the prospects are bleak if any

Admittedly I am jaded
But I have seen the darkness of humanity
Our indifference is comparable to that of the universe
Perhaps it is only fitting that we mirror the emptiness of our origin

From dust we are born
To dust we will return

We may never reach the stars
And the only home we’ve ever known will become inhospitable to all the life it once harbored
All the seas will have dried up
All the lands will be left barren
And our mother will sit silently until she is consumed by the inferno in the sky