Two Weeks Notice

I turned in my two weeks notice after 2 and a half months. Two more weeks and it'll be a full 3 months as an underpaid salary man. I gave the notice to my manager. He was disappointed. We had a talk. He asked why and I said, "I want to pursue other things, like focusing on creating content." He asked if I was unhappy here or what could be better and what would it take for me to stay. I didn't say whether I was happy or not, nor what it would take, but I told him of what I think would improve the business. I thanked him for the opportunity and experience, and offered to help out with the transition in any way I can. Then about half an hour before lunch, I had a sit down with the manager and the boss. Bossman asked, "what's your dream job?" I told him I don't have one. That my dream job would be no job. I said, "however I do like work, I like doing work, it is fulfilling." He asked, "how do you define work and a job?" I said, "everything you do is work because it takes effort, time and energy. It's life itself. But a job is when you get up, get dress, get to work, clock in, do what they tell you to do, clock out and repeat the cycle day in and day out so you could pay your bills. That sounds like a nightmare to me." We got into discussing political systems in which I argued that capitalism is the root cause of most if not all abhorrent behaviors. He disagreed and said to the effect that capitalism was working fine for him. I politely said, "that's probably because you're in a comfortable situation." I don't think he fully heard nor understood what I was saying. But it wasn't the place, time nor did he seem keen on listening, and nor was I a willing participant. We eventually moved on and into discussing business matters, and he went on to telling me that I'll be missing out on a pivotal moment of something really big. In the end, they offered me to name my price and that I am welcome to change my mind at anytime in the next two weeks. I thanked them and returned to the task I was on only to realize it was already lunch time.