Only You Can

If you'd grace me with a moment of your time
I'll pay you with a piece of my mind
Tell you things you don't often hear
Things shunned and things feared

I'd see something and feel inspired
I'd go and write it down
Then I'd delete it for fear that it is too preachy
Who am I to so arrogantly and naively think that I am bringing anything new or worthy of mentioning to the table?
The world now is saturated in information and we all get to see it all
There is nothing I could say that'd be new to anyone
Can there be?
But if we all see the same things and know the same things
Then why aren't we acting in the same manner?
Are some of us ignorant, apathetic or, worst, wicked?
This repeating realization paralyzes me
And I’d stop myself and feel helpless

But I must say something
Just in case someone is listening
Someone that simply didn't know before or better

So with that I wish to posit this one lingering and nagging thought
And perhaps as a last ditch effort

No one will ever make the connection for you
You must make it for yourself
No one can make you realize something you don't want to
And once you've realized something
Only you can compel yourself to act upon it accordingly
For all knowledge is trivial
When there is no corresponding action
And righteousness starts with the individual

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