An Aching Head

I cannot be bothered
My head is pounding
I had rum, soju and beer last night
And a plate of watermelon
I smoked a Cuban and a cigarette on the insistence of a friend
It was a menthol cigarette
My head is now in pain
I would promise my first born for it to go away
I would turn down a goddess to leave me be
I teased a kid for sounding like a robot
I told him he wouldn't pass the Turing test
And everything he said was exactly what a human imitating robot would say
He was a good kid with a head on his shoulder
He will do well
Long as he stays away from the devil's drink
And worked on his human voice
I took a shit and some Advils and went back to bed
I squirmed in my bed in agony
I flipped on my head and it felt a little better for a moment
I got on my phone and started writing
My head still hurts

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