American Scream

Never once did I believe in the American dream
For long I’ve heard the American scream
From even before my conception
From imagery of naked children fleeing from their burning village eviction
To this modern day
Of brown children torn and locked away

Oh, say, can’t you see?
This land is marred with misery
From the red blood of native genocide
With their land now bled white
To the blue, the tunes of a people shipped across the sea
Then held in bondage and slavery

What’s there to be proud of?
When her stripes are as thick as her chains
What’s there to be proud of?
When her stars are outnumbered by the atrocities she’s caused near and far

No, I will not stand beside her with flags a waving
No, not complacent, complicit nor abiding
Instead, I will fight her tooth and nail
Until all people are free and well

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