It was just passed midnight
I took a shot of cognac and grab my passport and money clip
I went down to Paddy's Irish Pub
I used to frequent it somewhat
It has since seen a lot of renovations
Most notably the newly added patio
I showed the door guy my passport and got in
The place was packed with youngins
College kids from the local college WNEU
Formerly known as WNEC
The kids, the boys, were all dressed in the same clothes
And baseball caps
They all smelled the same as well
I got to the bar and waited
A minute later a bartender noticed me
“A pint of Wolf IPA, please”
I got my pint, took a sip, looked around and figured I should go out to the patio
I bumped into several girls that were observably drunk
One stepped on my heel and didn’t seem to realize it to apologize
The girls, they also smelled the same
I stood in the middle drinking my drink
I observed the crowd
I went over to the wall and leaned on it
I took out my phone and started messaging friends
I told them where and what I was up to as I drank my drink
I finished the pint and walked out
This place used to have class I thought to myself
Now class is out and it’s just the rowdy kids
A girl was bawling out her eyes in the parking lot
“I don't give a fuck about that bitch!” she exclaimed to her comforting female friends
I gave a worried look but didn’t stop
I got to the car and drove home