She'd kiss me on the neck
I'd kiss her on the forehead
The top part of her nose
And her cheeks

We'd say nothing
We'd inhale each other
Then slowly exhale

We were two beings sharing space
And spending time

We'd kiss
Then press ourselves against each other
We'd say nothing still

Inhaling slowly
Exhaling even slower

Our love intensified

No words
And none needed

The days’d go by like this
And the passion held

Promising nothing except for ourselves in the moment
We loved fully
And without remorse

Our love was as pure as essence itself
And like a gurgling mountain spring
Whose water may eventually reach the ocean
Or a lake or a pond
Or nowhere
Is complete and whole as it is

Accepting the inevitable
And the circumstances of our condition
We’d embrace at every opportunity
Taking full advantage of every second afforded to us
With grateful and gleeful elegance

“Dalliance” she'd say
And I’d resignedly agree
As I try not to think of when all this is in the past
And I'd reflect upon it in melancholy

I liked it better before she called it
Before we knew of the definition of our predicament
But it is what it is
And such a beautiful word it is
Such a word wouldn't be a word
Had it not been such a recurring theme in our humanity

Regressing I’d remind myself that you don't fault a cool breeze on a hot summer day
You enjoy each passing wave
And once passed
You anticipate the next

I wanted to express to her that so long as she’d continue to love as she loves me
And is loved as much as I love her
That there'd be little difference
And should we meet again
It'd be as if we hadn't skipped a beat
Furthermore with our pockets fuller of experience
We’d have more to give and more to gain

But I’d say nothing
Knowing she knows

We'd kiss
We'd caress
And breathe

Exchanging no words
But the sounds of our bodies
And beating hearts