San Diego

I don't know how to describe you or where to begin…

I looked up from the saloon and realized this might be my last sunset in San Diego
At least for awhile
I grabbed my mug of wine and phone
And went up to the cockpit and snapped a picture
I heard a sea lion breathing
I was aboard Chelle C, a 36' Catalina
Recently bought and will soon be renamed Mystic Quest for reasons I am not certain I am at liberty to divulge
I had slept on her for the past few nights
My flight was in an hour and a half
I finished my mug
Then finished the rest of the bottle
I must have lived a lifetime or two in this tangent loopdidoo
I couldn't find the companionway slats
I calmed myself down and used the flashlight on my phone
The slats were in the V-Beth
I grabbed my things and closed up the boat
I walked up the dock
A sea lion had gotten into one of the bait cages

I was traveling on the road with a good friend in a minivan, the Love Machine
We had left Texas and headed west
Then we went north
Then farther west to the coast
We saw things
Many things
We then went south along the coast
We had a crazy idea
We bought a sailboat together in San Diego
A 27' Lancer

I walked to the airport from the marina
I had an hour left before my flight
Gate 33 for Spirit
Somewhere in the far middle of the very end

My buddy had to leave a couple weeks after our arrival in San Diego
His dad had cancer
I was left with the boat
I fixed it up and learned how to sail
I made new friends and had wild times
I sold it and purchased another boat
A newer older boat
The White Knuckles
A 28’ Columbia

I don't know how to describe you or where to begin
But I know that I will surely miss you
And just as surely I will see you again…

I checked in, took a piss and got to the long winding line with an apple in one hand and my phone in the other
I bit into the apple
It was delicious
The queue was slow
I continued writing

I left San Diego in the Fall and came back in the Spring
I had more wild times
I sold the newer older boat and hit the road again
I rode back to Texas on a fixie
Then sold that bike and got another
A recumbent bicycle

...And just as surely I will see you again
You've provided me with safe harbor
You were the wind in my sails
And I rode all over your twisty roads

Then down to Mexico
Down to Oaxaca and then up its western mainland coast
Sold that bike as well and flew to Cabo
Hopped onto a buddy’s boat and sailed up the Sea of Cortez
Then into a van and up the peninsula
And back to San Diego

Security didn't flag me
The girl had a hijab
I was behind about a dozen people
And 30 minutes until my flight
I finished the apple and started taking off my belt
6 more people
I put my things into the tubs
Septated accordingly
Sandals and all
All except for my belt

Back in San Diego
And a few months later without much success with finding a ‘real job’
I had to leave
I had to fly home
Back to Massachusetts
It had been about 4 years

I went through the machine
I hadn’t taken off my belt
I took it off and got through
Then an agent stepped in front of me as he was putting on blue rubber gloves
Then he waved me through
I put my things back on
Found my gate and boarded

San Diego
There isn't anything to say that hasn't been said
You were delightful
And just as wild as the child in me...

I will see you again soon enough