Wild and Strange Places

For many moons and moonless nights
I've slept in grand bewilderment
Under trees, in them and void of them
On dried up lake beds with the wind howling as I laid with eyes affixed upon heaven
All starry, tripping and hallucinating demon angels
Then in a tungsten mine with furry critters and friends
And we all laughed to sleep
On an emergency room bed that first time I died spiritually
And that other time sleeping by the Delaware
By creeks, rivers, lakes, ponds and oceans or out at sea
All golden under velvet amber skies
Front seats, back seats and even the trunk
In truck beds, at truck stops, toilet stalls, park benches and picnic tables
All drunk or sober as a monk
I go slumbering on
From dusk till dawn
And sometimes for days on and on
In the freezing cold or desert heat
With sweating memories and disturbing dreams
Over and under desks and bridges
Tucked away between the bushes or in the darkest corner of the room
On couches and behind the bar
In jail cells and empty hotels
On rooftops and basements or a closet
On a boat or sharing beds with friends, animal friends and strangers
but most oftenly no one
In a camper I'd built and towed for 600 miles
In a camper by the foot of Shasta
And in a camper in Tucson
In tents, hammocks or just a pad
On the floor or out in the yard
Sleeping here and there
But never sure of exactly when and where
All precarious yet impartial
At abandoned places
In warehouses and town halls
And with the dead in cemeteries
My bed varies night after night
Knowing comfort dulls me like an overprotective mother
I’d run from her from time to time
And make my bed in the sand and earth
Only when I'm all beaten and battered do I return
But only to regain that familiarity
Then off I go back on the road
Singing and sleeping in wild and strange places