Mesquite Thorns

Under the thorns of a mesquite tree I dreamt of you again last night
But as always in my dreams
Your face was not the same
We were at the station
You were trying to get to your terminal
You were leaving me
And I was trying to stop you
As if I'd never confessed my love
I wanted to tell you
And your eyes wanted me to say it
You were beautiful
But for a moment when I grabbed you by the arm and you turned around
You had the most heinous face that I'd ever seen
I couldn't bring myself to saying it
Were you always sometimes this ugly?
Or was I the ugly one?
Could I love you for all your flaws?
Could you love me for mine?
Your face quickly resumed its beautiful self
But it was once again a different face
Still I knew it was you
My heart told me so
And I wanted to tell you
To pour it all out
But I was somehow ashamed
There were too many onlookers
I wanted to take you aside
But you wanted it then and there
So instead I said it with my eyes
But your eyes wanted to hear it
You continued through the crowd
A group of your friends were waiting for you
You were going somewhere I don't know
But it was surely away from me
I let you slip away without even saying goodbye
I turned and rushed down the stairs
And inadvertently bumped into a small family and their child
I apologized but didn't stop
The mother was furious with me
And the father chased after me
He tackled me but I somehow broke free
But then a cop grabbed me from behind
And instantly I woke up