Cultured Hum(an)

With the humming of cool refrigerant pumping
Coursing through cold copper hardlines
Indifferent and, as if frozen in time
The cultured human
Of some stood in deli aisles
Eyes affixed on cultured ham
As glistening drool hung like freezer icicles
Staring back are the heads of lamb
With hearts as pulseless and cold as those in cellophane
And ears deaf to their cries of pain
Afflicting indescribable horrors, yet they called it “humane”
Onward to the aisle of bottled lactation
Where separated are the curds and whey
And where the truth is held in incarceration
Hidden and locked away
All while smiling cows on imaginary green pastures
All plastered on labels to enable blind ingestion
Now over to the crates of unfertilized gestation
Nevermind how it’s possible for such generation
Without qualm, the imagery, that has long been thrusted Into malleable and manipulable minds
Is faithfully entrusted and enviously lusted
These minds rarely disincline, harder still to ever unbind
Still, still, they called themselves the human-kind


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