Superficiality Reality

wedding photos and baby pictures
celebrity gossips and idolization
decadent spreads of restaurant foods
shiny cars and new toys
self obsession and object worship
woe is me and joy is me

so much expression of self, but few genuine and original
monkeys see, monkeys do, but where are the humans?
inner child stowed away never to witness the light of day
while sock puppet children and projected ideals parade
meretricious words recycled to say trivial things over and over and over again
absent of essence and void of truth
mediocre minds and their petty lives
hypocrites wallowing in hypocrisy
never to contradict, to disagree, to self ostracize and alienate
foreign is the term cognitive dissonance, but ritualistic it is in practice
afflicted lives and their burdensome plights ignored
while cute cats, false causes and popularity queens get all the likes
entire generations bouncing about inside spheres of bubbles
blind to the prickly girdles of the underclass that hoist them up
will they feel the squeeze of their strangulation before the bubble pops?


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