lovers, young and old
what sincere profoundness do you hold?
brides to be already wedded
to notions of love and not lovers to be bedded
but in the name of love cried the groom
ushering romantic vows but forgotten in desperate times of gloom.

spare your heart for your mind has eyes
and ears to perceive and pick out their lies
share your love and love moments and places
love with ferocity, not at written paces
you are free to love lovers: both the young and old
not just one and kin, but all and any with love to show

Reverberation Regurgitation

and in an instant, all is washed away
by the bombarding waves of social streams
like the beaching of roaring oceans
that erodes granite megaliths into ever smaller fragments
into stones, into pebbles and into the sand and dust
that blanket the world over and line the beaches
where we leave imprints under our weight
for but a few thrashings and sweepings of the crashing waters
these words, the aggregate of thoughts and emotions
like the sand paintings of Tibetan monks
meticulously composed grain by grain