Pretty Face

pretty pretty face
it's not that I'm afraid to look your way
but that they say staring is rude
and it's not like I'm the only one who's ever noticed you
oh pretty pretty face
though your lips do entice me
it's the shape of your heart that I want to know
and of the pieces that make you whole
so pretty pretty face
I hope you'll understand
that one must traverse through the shallow
in order to get to the deep end


flashing lights can hypnotize the fire burns and it blinds your eyes everything you've been told is a lie for the answer you seek lies inside you can try to live life within the lines if you're clinging to notions you'll be fine but the circle gets smaller over time

Fly Deep

I want to burn
in the deep ocean blue
and drown in black wilderness
I want to soar
with feet planted in yellow sand
and run like vultures riding updrafts
I want to rise
like a cascading torrential spring rain
and fall like embers carried by thermal columns


The whiskey doesn't pour itself
Nor does it drink itself
And you can't get drunk staring at it
The wisdom in the bottle is not necessarily its content
But the person doesn't drink the whiskey for the whiskey
Wisdom is free to the hungry
The hungry person may be empty of stomach, but full of wisdom
Whiskey on an empty stomach, however, will make a quick drunk


we will ride
into the desert
into the sandstorm
we will ride

we will greet and be greeted by demon angels
with hair of fire and dust
and lips and skin moist with dew drops

we will be shaken to the bone
we will break
and we will learn

we will see through the mirage
for the vapor trail that it is
and phantoms of the mind that they are

then we will ride
and ride some more


The Transdimensionals

a transdimensional excursion into the chasm of the spacetime vortex... and I feel fine...
we were thoroughly probed by a benevolent force

got caught up in intangible things
thru rose colored lens I sough everything
wave particles warped into obscurity
and eyes ablaze in kaleidoscopic purity

after the initial probing, they came back to disassemble and reassemble our transdimensional makeup



in an infinite number of universes,
I've kissed your lips an infinite number of times
and I've killed my lovers in infinite ways.
I was born, have lived and died in infinity.
I am the alpha and the omega.
the mother and the child.
the rocks and the trees.
I am the void and the essence.
I am all and none.
hate, love and indifference as one.



lovers, young and old
what sincere profoundness do you hold?
brides to be already wedded
to notions of love and not lovers to be bedded
but in the name of love cried the groom
ushering romantic vows but forgotten in desperate times of gloom.

spare your heart for your mind has eyes
and ears to perceive and pick out their lies
share your love and love moments and places
love with ferocity, not at written paces
you are free to love lovers: both the young and old
not just one and kin, but all and any with love to show